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Zhejiang Chinfine Industrial Co.,Ltd Browse: 2351 Update:2019/5/14

     Location in Yongkang city Zhejiang Province of China,Zhejiang Chinfine Industrial Co.,Ltd is a professional company with developing.designing .Manufacturing and selling security doors.

     Passing several years of hard work,at present it has 1000 employees.with daily output more than 3000pcs steel doors.and it has established well selling network in all over China,and also exported the doors to the whole East Europe and the Middle East European,African, Asian and the Middle East countries.
     Our goal is to provide the highest quality steel doors to protect your home or office,combined with the feature of custom aesthetics to add grace and elegance to function.

     Working with the highest standard at even the most basic level,we work with the customer to create a door that is builit wholly to client specification.with our latest product line,we start with the best features of solid constructuion.and let the customer pick and choose every other aesthetic feature from custom color to steel door handles and etc.the end product is a collaboration of our company's door quality and client creativity.

     Chinfine Doors Company takes pride in the consistently high standard of our products and our customer service.

     Let us build a door for you.We guarantee it will truly be a door for a lifetime.

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  • Zhejiang Chinfine Industrial Co.,Ltd
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  • Tel :0086-579-83977571
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