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ITEM NO:  CF-GD001   
Description of Garage Door Board Structure:
• 1. Chinfine garage door board is made by imported color-smeared steel plate of high quality. The surface is pressed with wood grain and cube patterns which imitate nature and possess Occidental style. It is beautiful and anti-corrosive, and will not fade with soft color, clear stripes and elegant pattern.
• 2 . Rubber and plastic adhesive tapes are equipped on the bottom of the door board for heat preservation, windproof and dustproof.
• 3 . The high-quality steel plate wraps two sides. Therefore, the inner and outer parts adhere each other and thus seal two wainscots effectively.
• 4 . The polyurethane sparkle fill is flavorless, non-toxic, heat-efficient, well heat-insulated and sound-insulated.
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